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Fallout - Eyebot Statue

Fallout - Eyebot Statue

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Fallout - Eyebot Statue

"Up next is a song about people getting rich by finding uranium. That worked out really well for all of us, didn't it?" Next time you hear Diamond City Radio blasting rock and roll, look around you. There might be an eyebot hovering nearby. If you find one without the music, you may have just discovered the Fallout Eyebot Statue. What at first glance looks to be some sort of whiskery eyeball-shaped oddity is actually a marvel of robotics. Designed by RobCo, the Eyebot's job is to deliver information and music. Think of it as a hovering radio. It features long antennas that it would use to pick up radio signals as it floated over the Wasteland. On its face is a grille, through which the robot's loudspeakers would blast the latest news. Players may also remember rock and roll, presidential speeches or even messages about peace and protection. Some call it propaganda, or brainwashing, if you disagree with the announcements. Be that as it may, the Eyebot is considered to be mostly harmless. This model in particular is armed with a laser pistol protruding from under its 'chin'. In the game, it deals only light damage, although low level players still need to beware. Just like its in-game counterparts, this statue features a bit of 'rust' on parts of its metallic paint, most prominently on the frame around its 'face'. Perched on a mount featuring a piece of rough Wasteland road, the Fallout Eyebot Statue is made to be shown off. Put it on your desk or at a prime spot in your display cabinet, and let its charm and backstory add a bit of retro-futuristic personality to your room. FEATURES Limited Edition: Only 2,000 pieces worldwide Individually-numbered Includes Certificate of Authenticity Size: 8.26 x 6.53 x 10.67 in (210 x 166 x 271 mm) Material: Injected Plastic Some assembly required. To prevent breakage during shipping, long antennas come detached. Scan the QR code provided in the box for assembly instructions.

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