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Freaky Frogs From Outaspace

Freaky Frogs From Outaspace

Rio Grande Games


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Finally you have time again for a pinball session. Let’s see how long you can keep the ball running on your favourite old pinball machine this time.

If everything runs perfectly, you will start the nerve-wracking Multiball, or you gain an Extra Ball to play an additional round.

Can you achieve a new High Score, or do you lose the balls faster than you are able to push the flippers?

Freaky Frogs From Outaspace recreates the exciting experience of a real pinball machine as a card game. Try to keep playing as long as possible, relying both on skill and luck.

This game can be unfair, exactly like a real pinball machine. Sometimes you lose a ball very fast without having any opportunities to aim on the targets: Bad luck!

Do not give up if you initially only score 1000 points. From game to game you will get better. Score Bumpers, hit the Ramps, and possibly activate the Multiball... and you will get to scores of 100000+ points, as you score with a real pinball machine.

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