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Gods of Metal: Ragnarock

Gods of Metal: Ragnarock

Renegade Game Studios

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Gods of Metal: Ragnarock is a highly energetic, over-the-top RPG filled with glory, teamwork, and adventure. While some games focus more on the blood and pus of metal-inspired gameplay, Gods of Metal: Ragnarock asks you to do things like:

Pledge your allegiance to a Patron Metal God, to create your Outfit, Weapon, and Accessory to create a sweet-ass Avatar who is sure to kick ass (or die magnificently, attempting to ascend to Godhood).

Form bands of adventurers, made up of player Positions (aka player classes) like Brutalizers, Blüdgaards, Howlers, Shredders, Chordmasters, and Amplords.

Fight back against the enemies of Ragnarock, such as The Electric Liches of the Howling Wastes, Pit Demons of Borgourl, The Warlords of Aux, The Proaugr, those f*cking Bose Imps, and Ragnasaurs Rexes! Not to mention all the other Avatars who may get in your way as you seek glory of wild proportions in this heavy metal album inspired world!

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