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Harry Potter - Hermione 20th Anniversary 1:10 Scale Statue

Harry Potter - Hermione 20th Anniversary 1:10 Scale Statue

Iron Studios

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Harry Potter - Hermione 20th Anniversary 1:10 Scale Statue

She believes that everything you need to know about magic is in the books, thus explaining the fact that she is a very logical girl and has brilliant reasoning, Hermione Granger is the main female character in the Harry Potter saga. An extremely intelligent girl, who upon arriving at the Hogwarts school of magic, becomes the best friend of Harry Potter and his friend, Ron Weasley. She is Muggle-born (daughter of human parents), but that doesn't make the slightest difference in her magical power, but it does cause her to suffer prejudice from supremacist wizards who refer to Muggle-borns as mudblood, a fact that Hermione faces with pride, striving to be the best student of her year, but her emotional intelligence still prevails over logic, expressing that for her there are more important things like friendship and courage. Featuring the charismatic little witch who is part of a diorama that celebrates the 20th anniversary in cinemas, in her impeccable school uniform, holding her beloved books tightly to her body, on a base that imitates the rustic Hogwarts floor, and with an incredible resemblance to the young British actress Emma Watson, who immortalized her in theaters, Iron Studios presents the statue \"Hermione Granger Art Scale 1/10 Statue - Harry Potter - Iron Studios\". The piece can be displayed both individually, as well as with the others that make up the diorama. The character Hermione, played by Emma Watson, was so popular that she was elected the best female character in cinema, in a survey conducted by Hollywood professionals, made by The Hollywood Reporter magazine in 2016.

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