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Hedgehog Hop

Hedgehog Hop

Fight in a Box

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In the Hedgehog Hop, lead your crew into the most spectacular Grand Finale and win. Collect Backup Dancers and make a statement! Every move is a dance step towards victory — but be warned! Your Hedgehogs are enthusiastic but clumsy, so there will be a lot of bumping into each other.

A fabulous filler game where collisions and set collection make for quick play, but thoughtful actions. It is a great follow-up to Squirrel or Die. It plays like two different games in one, depending on player count: two-player is a puzzler while multiplayer is more rambunctious.

A great stocking stuffer for the 2019 Holiday Season, Hedgehog Hop has the potential to add $12 to each transaction during the gift buying rush.

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