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HEXplore It - Return to The Domain of Mirza Noctis

HEXplore It - Return to The Domain of Mirza Noctis

HEXplore It


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This expansion presents a future timeline for your heroes — what happens when Noctis succeeds?

The dark lord has gathered the blood needed for his ritual and has ascended to godhood. But his goal of ascension wasn’t what people thought it would be. His hostility against the commoners of the land has eerily ceased. New, terrible horrors have arrived in the land of Krasvetelia, seeking to tear it asunder. Did he summon them? Or was he preparing for this eventuality all along? Noctis may be the only one strong enough to stand against these horrors. But did he gather enough power, or will he succumb to these titanic forces from another plane of existence? Only your heroes can help shape Krasvetelia’s destiny.

The Horrors have arrived.
Tragedy. Calamity. Disaster. Cataclysm. Forge an entirely new journey in the darkening land of Krasvetelia and gather power as quickly as you can to stop the four terrible horrors that have appeared in the world. You’ll face each, in a different order each time you play. Your only ally is Noctis himself, but can you keep your sanity, or will you succumb to madness?

What does this Expansion add?

3 new epic Roles and 11 powerful Races to add to your collection (perfect for solo and small group play!)

4 variable level Horrors - face them in a different order and experience contrasting effects each time you play

Madness - Your heroes will accumulate Madness, but can you keep your sanity long enough?

Epic Power Ups, Encounters, Investigations, Events, Treasures, and more for each of your Core box card decks

Mythic Legendary Items and Allies

New Keepsakes to keep your heroes going after death

A new punchboard for your map that interacts uniquely with the four Horrors

-description from publisher's website

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