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In A Grove

In A Grove

Oink Games

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In A Grove

“In a Grove” is a popular deduction and bluffing game from game designer Jun Sasaki that was released in Japan during the early years of Oink Games (2010). Originally featuring chips made from paper, this new version features not only great feeling resin components, but also some rule changes that tighten up the gameplay for maximum excitement.

Players take on the role of a detective and try to find the criminal in a series of crimes that have been committed. Even though everyone witnesses the same crime, their testimonies are different and the truth is shrouded in mystery. Try to guess correctly and pin the blame of incorrect guesses on other players so that you don’t get stuck with the inept chips.

Can you kick your rivals to the curb and become the greatest detective this town has ever seen? This is an exciting game of deduction with a complicated web of expectation and speculation.

  • Players: 2-5
  • Playing time: 20 minutes 
  • Ages: 9+


  • 9 Plastic Person Tiles
  • 35 Detective Chips
  • 1 First on the Scene Marker
  • 1 Unseen Marker
  • Game Manual
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