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KeyForge Adventure The Abyssal Conspiracy

KeyForge Adventure The Abyssal Conspiracy


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KeyForge Adventure The Abyssal Conspiracy

THE ABYSSAL CONSPIRACY is a KeyForge: Adventure in which 1-3 players collaborate to defeat a great evil threatening the construct and denizens of the Crucible.

Here, players must descend into the ocean depths to investigate aquatic locations to foil the plans of the Conspiracy of Evil Twins. If the cult is able to open five seals, it will release a horde of their kind into the Crucible, and the players will lose. Yet, if the players can find the legendary Vaultbinder artifact, they may yet prevail.

To find the seals, players must travel to locations at various depths, defeat the cultists and events emerging from the adventure decks, and face the excruciating effects of every seal that the enemy manages to open.

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