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Mad Science Foundation - Board Game

Mad Science Foundation - Board Game

Cryptozoic Entertainment

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Mad Science Foundation - Board Game

Are you a mad enough scientist to rule the world?

Throughout the centuries, mad scientists have always encountered the same problem of very limited access to the dangerous resources they require. To solve this problem, the Mad Science Foundation was created. Now these “misunderstood geniuses” can finally get the access they need to the four vital building blocks of mad science:

Lasers, Dark Matter, Cryptomium, and of course, Sharks.

Unfortunately for each mad scientist that seeks "funding" from the Mad Science Foundation, there remains the unfortunate fact of life that mad scientists do not play well with others. In the quest for infamy directors will be bribed, resources will be reallocated, spies will be dispatched, inventions will be sabotaged, and big, ominous buttons will be pressed with catastrophic results. Welcome to the Mad Science Foundation, where everyone is ready to stab you in the back with overly elaborate backstabbing machines.
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