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Marvel Comics - Bishop (Age of Apocalypse) 1:10 Scale Statue

Marvel Comics - Bishop (Age of Apocalypse) 1:10 Scale Statue

Iron Studios

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Marvel Comics - Bishop (Age of Apocalypse) 1:10 Scale Statue

Bishop comes from a tragic future in which mutants are enslaved and dominated by the Sentinels that roam America, with the ongoing war against the oppressors forging him into a powerful soldier who possess the ability of absorbing energy projected against him and dispelling it in an accumulated blast. Roaring his defiance in the middle of a heated firefight, Bishop's gun barrel is still smoking as he readies up a blast of magenta energy against his next foe. Cloak billowing behind him in a dramatic fashion, he continues to ascend the industrial catwalk beneath his heavy boots and remarkably detailed outfit. Crafted from high-quality polystone materials, the Bishop 1/10th Scale Statue from Iron Studios expertly captures the hellish, alternate reality from the Age of Apocalypse storyline. Hand-painted to ensure a quality finish, every facet of Bishop's unique design has been included in a way that die-hard fans can appreciate. Dimensions: 11.8" H x 9" W x 9" D Note: This product is expected to ship: Jul 2023 - Sept 2023

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