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Marvel Comics - Magneto (Age of Apocalypse) 1:10 Scale Statue

Marvel Comics - Magneto (Age of Apocalypse) 1:10 Scale Statue

Iron Studios

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Marvel Comics - Magneto (Age of Apocalypse) 1:10 Scale Statue

Using his metallic manipulation to turn even the simplest things into weapons of subjugation, Magneto has been dubbed the "Master of Magnetism". While his cause started as noble, he began to believe that mutants should rule over humans, and thus has usually been at odds with Earth's Super Heroes. Floating deftly above the ground with his crimson cloak carried grandly upon the winds, Magneto's expression is one of imperious resolve as he surveys the battlefield. From the metallic paintwork applied to his gloves, boots and collar to the lustrous, flowing locks framing his face, every inch exudes an impossibly powerful aura from this unmatched mutant. Hovering above the ruined machinery beneath his feet, a wave of crystalline energy holds Magneto aloft. Also included is an alternate helmeted portrait for fans to personalise their display! Crafted from high-quality polystone materials, the Magneto 1/10th Scale Statue from Iron Studios expertly captures the hellish, alternate reality from the Age of Apocalypse storyline. Hand-painted to ensure a quality finish, every facet of Bishop's unique design has been included in a way that die-hard fans can appreciate. Dimensions: 13" H x 9.5" W x 8.3" D

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