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Mass Effect - Garrus Figure

Mass Effect - Garrus Figure

Dark Horse Comics

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Mass Effect - Garrus Figure

ETA: 31 March 2024

A former security officer, Garrus Vakarian is a tactical genius and one of Commander Shepard's closest confidants. The Turian sniper was a key ally in the fight against the Reaper invasion of the galaxy. His experience and willingness to get his hands dirty to win the day made him an invaluable member of Shepard's crew. This figure is an incredible likeness to one of Mass Effect's most popular and enduring characters. Standing at a total height of 9 inches tall, this PVC figure shows an incredible likeness to our favorite tactical genius sniper. Whether you need a confidant when you're frustrated with regulations or someone to do what is right even if it means getting their hands dirty, then you need your very own Garrus!

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