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Mass Effect - Urdnot Wrex Figure

Mass Effect - Urdnot Wrex Figure

Dark Horse Comics

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Mass Effect - Urdnot Wrex Figure

ETA: 30 September 2024

"Shepard." - Wrex "Wrex." - Shepard Born to Clan Urdnot, this famed and often feared Krogan is also one of the last Krogan Battlemasters, the toughest krogan in existence due to their biotic abilities and diligent determination. Despite his prowess in battle, Wrex doesn’t partake in pointless violence and is one of the few of his people planning for a new krogan future. At 9.75 inches tall, this figure is ready to unleash his usually-tempered fury on any that would get in the way of him or his squad.

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