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Match of the Century

Match of the Century

Capstone Games

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Match of the Century

Two grandmasters of chess face in a thrilling competition. 

2 Players  |  40-60 Mins  |  Ages 10+


In the summer of 1972, the final match of the World Chess Championship in Reykjavik saw the ultimate showdown: American Bobby Fischer challenged the reigning world champion, Boris Spassky from the Soviet Union. Touted by the media as the most important sporting event of the Cold War, an incomparable thriller unfolded...and now, you can be right in the middle of it.

In Match of the Century, you play one another over a series of games, just as in a real championship match. However, here each game lasts only a few short and intense turns, so every decision counts in pulling off the win. As you play cards with unique effects from your asymmetrical decks, each of you manipulates the mental endurance of the other and the outcome of each quick game, but weigh your options carefully because only by giving up the advantage can you use your cards' effects.

Key Features

  • 2-player card-driven game centered around the historic chess match
  • History of Match of the Century included with the game
  • Play as Spassky or Fischer with a deck of cards unique to each player
  • Gain the advantage to win 6 matches in a tense mind-game with your opponent
  • Manage your mental fatigue well or suffer dire consequences in your future game rounds
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