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Molkky Original

Molkky Original

Crown & Andrews

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Molkky Original

The pin throwing game Mölkky was created by the Finnish in 1996, and has since become a popular pastime both in Finland and abroad. The game features lightweight pieces that players of all ages and strengths can easily pick up, arrange and throw.

Mölkky is suitable for the whole family, and accommodates up to 26 players. Record scores in the included scorebook, with your own pen and paper or with sidewalk chalk. Mölkky can be played on almost any surface,including grass, gravel, sand or dirt.

The game is now enjoyed internationally, with official Mölkky associations and leagues in Japan, France, Germany, Australia and several other countries. Mölkky has become popular because, unlike other iterations of pin throwing games, it requires no particular skill, strength or athleticism, offering amusement for all ages and abilities.

Mölkky is made from Birch and natural fiber rope!

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