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Mummies! Classic Monsters of Pre-Code Horror Comics (TPaperback)

Mummies! Classic Monsters of Pre-Code Horror Comics (TPaperback)

Ozzie Collectables

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Mummies have terrifyingly appeared in movies, pulp ficition, and in banned pre-Code comic books! This tome unleashes the best of those mind-melting comics from their musty sarcophagi. You'll be screaming for your mommy as MUMMIES shambles into your trembling hands! 

SEE! The brutal attack of "The Living Mummies!" SENSE! The strangest "Case of the Beckoning Mummy!" FEEL! As "The Unburied Mummy" intensifies its powerful grip upon your puny throat! And there's a tomb-full more! PLUS! A crumbling gallery of classic mummy comic book covers, and spine-tinglIng guest appearances by Frankenstein’s Monster and Charlie Chan!

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