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Naruto 2023 Bundle - 7 POP! Vinyls

Naruto 2023 Bundle - 7 POP! Vinyls


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Naruto 2023 Bundle - 7 POP! Vinyls

ETA: 31 Jan 2024

Naruto - Ino Yamanaka Pop! Vinyl
Naruto - Sai Pop! Vinyl
Naruto - Choji Akimichi Pop! Vinyl
Naruto - Shino Aburame Pop! Vinyl
Naruto - Konan Pop! Vinyl
Naruto - Kakuzu Pop! Vinyl
Naruto - Hidan Pop! Vinyl

Embark on an epic journey into the Hidden Leaf Village with our exclusive Naruto 2023 Bundle, a must-have for any anime enthusiast! This collector's edition features seven meticulously crafted POP! Vinyl figures, each capturing the essence of beloved characters from the Naruto series. From the fierce determination of Naruto and the strategic genius of Sai to the unique abilities of Ino, Choji, Shino, Konan, Kakuzu, and Hidan, this bundle is a celebration of the diverse and compelling personalities that make the Naruto universe unforgettable. Elevate your collectables display with these intricately designed figures that pay homage to the iconic moments in the anime. Don't miss out on the chance to own this special edition bundle and bring the spirit of the Hidden Leaf Village to your collection!

These items come packed in Pop Protectors free of charge to keep them safe in transit.


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