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One Piece - Oden US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl

One Piece - Oden US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl


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One Piece - Oden US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl

Introducing the One Piece - Oden US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl, a captivating collectible that pays tribute to the beloved character from the iconic manga and anime series. Inspired by the legendary samurai, Oden, this Pop! Vinyl showcases his fierce presence and noble demeanor. With his distinct samurai attire, dual swords, and determined expression, Oden embodies the spirit of adventure, loyalty, and strength. This US exclusive variant adds a touch of rarity and exclusivity to this already impressive figurine. Whether you were captivated by Oden's captivating backstory or simply appreciate the rich world of One Piece, this Pop! Vinyl is a must-have addition to your collection. Display Oden proudly and let his presence remind you of the epic journeys and bonds formed in the vast oceans of the One Piece universe. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this exclusive Pop! Vinyl that celebrates the enduring legacy of Oden and the world of One Piece.

US Exclusive. Set sail with Pop! Oden of the Kozuki family! Expand your One Piece collection by adding this US Exclusive Pop! Oden to your scurvy crew. Vinyl figures are approximately 4.1-inches tall.

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