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Over the Edge RPG - Second Edition

Over the Edge RPG - Second Edition

Over the Edge RPG

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Over the Edge Second Edition at a Glance

  • Keep everyone at the table guessing with the second edition of this groundbreaking surreal action RPG.
  • Al Amarja is an open sandbox setting with plenty of ideas and locations to get you started and plenty of room to build depending on your preferences.
  • Efficient, scaled-down mechanics help to keep the focus on story and character rather than on finding the right rules or charts in the book.

What is Over the Edge Second Edition?

On the island paradise of Al Amarja, weirdness is the soup du jour. Every day brings something new and strange. Secret agents. Alien invasions. Ancient conspiracies. Drooling psychopaths. Weird science. A quick but painful death. Any of them could be waiting around the corner.

This is an RPG of unsettling experiences and surreal undercurrents, set in a place where rules are meant to be broken. There are rarely answers, only more questions. You’ll never be sure what you’re up against, who’s on your side, or why it’s all happening.

But one thing’s for sure. Life on Al Amarja’s not boring.

This second edition adds a new humdinger of a chart detailing what each Al Amarjan conspiracy thinks of all the other ones, updated references to all published supplements, and improved layout and graphic appearance.

Embrace Your Weird: Gameplay Basics

Over the Edge uses a freeform character system. Instead of skills lists and random rolls, players define their characters how they want, using character concepts, traits, flaws, and secrets. Put the focus on character development and motivations.

In the open setting of Al Amarja, anything goes. The core book gives GMs plenty of ideas to get started, but the chaotic environment makes it easy to tailor the game to your group’s preferences and keep everyone at the table from getting bored.

Streamlined mechanics keep the focus on the story instead of crunching numbers and looking up tables all the time. Again, the GM’s chapters provide a lot of support and advice to help with this, including three starter adventures.

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