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Pass The Monster Meat Milady! 2

Pass The Monster Meat Milady! 2

Ozzie Collectables

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A fantasy romance about a voracious lady who delights in monster meat and a mad-blooded duke who is swept off his feet by her curious charms. If you loved Delicious in Dungeon and Drifting Dragons, you will be salivating for some grilled moodle and burning hot love in this series!

Melphiera Marchalrayd is misunderstood by the peerage and is called the "Voracious Villainess" for taking delight in monster meat. Likewise, Aristide is known as the "Blood-Mad Duke" for his fierce hunting skills. After a monstrous rendezvous, Aristide has fallen in love at first sight with the fearless Melphiera and has asked for her hand in marriage. Of course, one must not forget to bestow proper gifts in a noble courtship, so Aristide has arrived with a rare gold-fleeced royal moodle in tow! But what exactly goes into butchering this fine monster...? And will Aristide truly proceed with the engagement?

Japanese romanized title: Akujiki Reijō to Kyōketsu Kōshaku: Sono Mamono, Watashi ga Oishiku Itadakimasu!


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