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Power Rangers RPG Adventures in Angel Grove

Power Rangers RPG Adventures in Angel Grove

Renegade Game Studios

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Power Rangers RPG Adventures in Angel Grove

Adventures in Angel Grove is a self- contained adventure sourcebook for the Power Rangers

Roleplaying Game that leads a team of player characters through a series of linked adventures that take that team from a narrative starting point to a climactic finish.

Adventures in Angel Grove will provide a full campaign story comprised of four adventures.

Set in Angel Grove, the adventures will present tools for the game master to use while running the roleplaying game with one or more players, including non- player character and threats stat blocks, location information and descriptions, story hooks, and objectives for players to resolve.

  • Ages: 14+


  • Full adventure campaign for a team of Power Rangers
  • Explore many locations in Angel Grove and beyond!
  • New threats to fight and new maps for tactical combat
  • For a party of level 1-5 Rangers

Book Summary:

  • Full Colour, Hardcover Book
  • Satin Ribbon Bookmark
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