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Psychological Warfare

Psychological Warfare

DPH Games


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The twisted half hour card game. A mental battle where you try to thwart your opponents while attempting to meet your own needs.

All games incorporate psychology, this one takes it head on. You will be using Backhanded Compliments, Clever Insults, Paranoia, Stress and Phobias to manipulate scores in a direction that you choose. It has a twists and multiple tactics, counter-actions that keep the game fresh and replay-able.

Each player scores on four categories; Freedom, Fun, Power and Belonging. Victory points are awarded for having the highest score in a category at the end of the game. The number of points awarded are dependent on the Archetype that the player is using.

Players will spend Mental Energy to perform actions which will lower/raise scores, have an effect on themselves or other players, or block other players from affecting them.

Defense Mechanisms will help protect you, but as you perform actions you build up Psychological Baggage. To rid yourself of the baggage, you must go to Therapy. But Therapy also causes you to lose your Defense Mechanisms.

Psychological Warfare is a balancing game with a number of key decision points each turn. Which cards to discard to create energy, which cards to play, which scores to change, how to combine actions and much more.

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