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Rabbit Rabbit A Game of Superstitions

Rabbit Rabbit A Game of Superstitions

Pink Tiger Games


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A magical 350-card trivia game for 1-10 players collecting superstitions, myths, spells, folklore, and more- old and new, from around the world.

The goal of Rabbit Rabbit is to be the first to collect seven cards by answering questions correctly, and play starts with the person whose birthday is closest to the current date.

In clockwise order, players take turns answering question cards pulled from the top of the deck by the person to their right, taking care to keep the answer hidden. If the player answers it correctly, they keep the card. If they don't, it's discarded.

When you win your sixth card and are one card away from winning, you must say "Rabbit Rabbit" out loud. If you forget and another player notices and says it first, skip your next turn, giving everyone else a chance to catch up.

There are multiple ways to play:

Team Play. If you're playing with four or more players, you can optionally split up into teams of equal size.

Host Mode. Playing with three or more, and have an odd number of players? Designate one player as the Trivia Host, who opts out of answering cards, and instead has card reading duties.

Scored Play. If you'd like a faster pace, the host can open up each question card to all players, and everyone who answers correctly each round gets a point. The first to reach seven points wins.

Solo Play. Playing by yourself? Read the cards, challenge yourself to answer them correctly, and see if you're right.

Important Note: Superstitions, like all folklore, can vary wildly and change over time, with multiple variations even in the same small region. If you find a superstition in Rabbit Rabbit described differently than one that you grew up with and hold close to your heart, you're strongly encouraged to share your version with everyone. That storytelling is part of the game!

Rabbit Rabbit is the third game from Ami Baio of Pink Tiger Games, the creator of You Think You Know Me and Flatter Me: A Compliment Battle Card Game.

-description from designer

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