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Capstone Games

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Ascend on the tracks and manage your city!

2-4 Players  |  60+ Mins  |  Ages 10+ 

Features: End Game Bonuses, Track Movement, Variable Set-up

Themes: City Building, Industry / Manufacturing


In Rise, you assume responsibility for the economic and social development of a city. There are not many limits to your possibilities: On various tracks, you can influence how best to provide for your citizens' well-being, whether through culture, science, or political relations — but all of this can be achieved only in accordance with respect for conservation of the environment and the satisfaction of the population.

RISE Key Features

• Make economic and social choices on how to best grow your city
• Advance on 10 unique double-sided tracks
• Combo your moves as you rise on each track
• Includes an innovative card-action-selection mechanism
• Over 1,000 combinations for the game setup!

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