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Runaways (TV) - Karolina Pop! Vinyl

Runaways (TV) - Karolina Pop! Vinyl


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Runaways (TV) - Karolina Pop! Vinyl

With the second season of Marve's hit television series 'Runaways' just a few months away, Funko have announced a wave of Runaways Pop! Vinyl Figures! 'Runaways' follows the story of six teenagers from different backgrounds, who must all unite against a common enemy... their criminal parents, collectively known as The Pride. This Pop! features Karolina Dean, an alien passing as a teenager, burdened by her religious upbringing, who wants to pursue her own desires instead of following in her mother's footsteps. She has the ability of flight, to glow with rainbow-coloured light, and to shoot beams of light.

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