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Sally Face - Strange Nightmares

Sally Face - Strange Nightmares

Maestro Media


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Bring the world of Sally Face to the tabletop with Sally Face: Strange Nightmares. Strange occurrences are happening at Addison Apartments. Explore the apartments as Sal and his friends, and work together to investigate the surrounding mysteries.

Play through different episodes with events and characters that echo the video game. Players must solve mysteries, stop cultists and prevent the Red Eyed Demon from spreading corruption while advancing through the story.

Players roll custom dice and use the results to perform a variety of actions to solve mysteries but if they dabble too much the powers of evil may become too strong to stop. Unsolved mysteries allow the Red Eyed Demon to spread corruption and the heroes may lose their lives or sanity. However, death and insanity aren’t the end. Heroes may persevere while mad or as ghosts. Such a fate brings the Red Eyed Demon ever closer to his goal of total domination. Players who complete the story face a climax which is a different challenge in each chapter.

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