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Shrek - Shrek, Donkey & Gingerbread Man Deluxe 1:10 Scale Statue

Shrek - Shrek, Donkey & Gingerbread Man Deluxe 1:10 Scale Statue

Iron Studios

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Shrek - Shrek, Donkey & Gingerbread Man Deluxe 1:10 Scale Statue

ETA: 30 September 2023

Note: This product is expected to ship: Jul 2023 - Sept 2023 Happy to be on his swamp in the forest of a fantasy medieval kingdom, the huge, robust, and green ogre hugs his best equine friend, and given his usual mannerism, in a not very delicate way. On his left shoulder, the small and (literally) sweet figure of a temperamental living cookie. Derived from one of the most fun and praised animation masterpieces ever created, Sideshow and Iron Studios proudly bring the Shrek, Donkey and The Gingerbread Man 1:10 Deluxe Art Scale Statue, their first release from this beloved franchise, with the most famous and charismatic ogre in cinema along with two of his best friends, over a pedestal based on the scenery of his home swamp next to the iconic warning sign to scare away unwanted visitors. In a medieval land, pleased with his lonely life in Duloc's swamp, Shrek sees his peace and tranquility threatened by the egocentric Lord Farquaad, a tyrant ruler that decides to kick out every magic creature to the forest. Annoyed by the sudden invasion of so many fairy tale protagonists in his territory, he leaves to have it out with the leader of humans, and when he wins the knight's tournament unexpectedly, he ends up making an agreement with Farquaad to rescue the beautiful princess Fiona, that was living asleep and imprisoned in a castle guarded by a dragon, whom Farquaad wishes to take as wife to become king, and as a reward for Shrek, he would then take the magic creatures from his forest. Shrek goes on his mission, accompanied by a talking Donkey, that joins him out of gratitude after Shrek accidentally saves his life. During this adventure, Shrek also gets as an ally the Gingerbread Man, or simply Gingy, a small living cookie that was created by the Muffin Man and tortured by the evil Lord Farquaad. Released by DreamWorks in 2001, inspired by the book Shrek! by William Steig, the classic CGI animated movie was a huge box office hit and was critically acclaimed, winner of the first Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, besides winning many other awards and having the protagonist leave a mark with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The success led to 3 sequels and 2 holiday specials and inspired a successful franchise with games, a musical, comic books, toys, Shrek collectibles, and much more.

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