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Sideshow Originals - Frankenstein's Monster Statue

Sideshow Originals - Frankenstein's Monster Statue


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Sideshow Originals - Frankenstein's Monster Statue

ETA: 31 August 2024

"All men hate the wretched; how, then, must I be hated, who am miserable beyond all living things!" Sideshow presents the Frankenstein’s Monster Statue, an original horror collectible inspired by the iconic literary figure and his visual legacy across the centuries. First brought to life by the words of Mary Shelley, the creation known as Frankenstein’s Monster has taken on many forms throughout popular culture. Sideshow’s new depiction honors the creature’s horror roots and tragic nature in a melancholy cemetery scene. Frankenstein’s Monster lurches through the biting cold, crossing a snow-dusted grave where a lantern, shovel, and broken skull rest. The headstone bears an epitaph to Elizabeth Lavenza, the would-be bride of Victor Frankenstein and victim to the monster’s vengeance. The Frankenstein’s Monster Statue measures 19" tall x 12" wide x 11.7" deep and is fully sculpted to capture all of the cadaverous detail of the hulking figure. Two large electrodes emerge from his back, which is cloaked in the pelt of a skinned black bear. Patchwork pants mirror the monster’s construction and silver staples hold his reanimated flesh together across every surface of his body. He is painted with a mixture of rotting yellows and irritated reds, emphasizing how Frankenstein’s creation straddles the line between life and death. Shock some new life into your display of horror collectibles and bring home the Frankenstein’s Monster Statue by Sideshow today.

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