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Star Wars The Mandolorian - Mando 3" Collectors FigPin #508

Star Wars The Mandolorian - Mando 3" Collectors FigPin #508


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Barcode: 810021535159

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All FiGPiNs include a laser engraved, alphanumeric serial number on the back, making every single one uniquely yours.

Introducing the Star Wars The Mandalorian - Mando 3" Collectors FigPin #508, a stunning and highly collectible item for fans of the hit Disney+ series. This FigPin features the iconic character, Mando, from The Mandalorian, clad in his distinctive armor and helmet. Standing at 3 inches tall, this FigPin is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, capturing the rugged and mysterious essence of the bounty hunter. With its vibrant colors and high-quality construction, this FigPin is not only a visually appealing piece but also a durable and long-lasting collector's item. Whether you're a dedicated fan of The Mandalorian or a Star Wars enthusiast, the Mando 3" Collectors FigPin #508 is a must-have addition to your collection. Pin it to your bag, jacket, or display it in its included display case to show off your love for the galaxy far, far away. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this exquisite FigPin that pays tribute to the beloved character, Mando, and his epic journey in The Mandalorian.

  • Star Wars The Mandolorian - Mando 3" Collectors FigPin #508
  • FiGPiN Number: 508
  • Cast zinc alloy inlaid with hard synthetic color enamel.
  • Finished with an electroplated nickel coating.
  • Stands up on a patented FiGPiN soft rubber backer.
  • Encased in a museum-quality, clear poly-carbonate display box with a black ABS plastic base.
  • A uniquely designed and character-specific background card finishes the look.
  • Sized approximately 3" tall(76.2mm) 3/32" thick (2.0mm)
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