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Star Was - Obi-Wan & Young Leia DLX 1:10 Statue

Star Was - Obi-Wan & Young Leia DLX 1:10 Statue

Iron Studios

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Star Was - Obi-Wan & Young Leia DLX 1:10 Statue

ETA: 31 August 2023

Through the chaotic streets of planet Daiyu, under the lights of tall buildings, luminous signs, and the eyes of mercenaries and relentless agents of the Galactic Empire, the former brave Jedi Master risks himself leaving his anonymity to fulfill at any cost his mission of rescuing the young princess from planet Alderaan and get her back in safety to her foster father. After saving and earning the intrepid and fearless girl's trust, with her by his side wearing a green cloak bringing her small droid called Lola in one of her hands, and he alert, using a hooded cape to hide his identity, they both search for an escape route to fulfill their mission. Directly from the Star Wars spin-off series released on streaming service Disney+ in 2022, Iron Studios present their diorama statue "Obi-Wan and Young Leia Deluxe- Obi-Wan Kenobi - Art Scale 1/10", with the Jedi hero, master of Anakin Skywalker, next to his protectee, daughter of his former apprentice.

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