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Stranger Things 4 - Eleven Pop! Vinyl

Stranger Things 4 - Eleven Pop! Vinyl


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Stranger Things 4 - Eleven Pop! Vinyl

Introducing the Stranger Things 4 - Eleven Pop! Vinyl, a must-have collectible inspired by the highly anticipated fourth season of the hit Netflix series. This POP! Vinyl showcases the powerful and enigmatic character Eleven, portrayed by the talented Millie Bobby Brown. Dressed in her distinctive outfit from the upcoming season, Eleven is ready to face new challenges and tap into her extraordinary abilities. With her intense gaze and determined expression, this figurine perfectly captures Eleven's strength and resilience. Whether you admire her telekinetic powers or resonate with her journey of self-discovery, this Pop! Vinyl is a fantastic addition to your Stranger Things collection. Join Eleven as she navigates the mysteries of Hawkins, Indiana, and let this figurine serve as a reminder of the power within us all. Get ready for the thrilling adventures of Stranger Things 4 and add this Pop! Vinyl to your display.

Introducing the Stranger Things - Eleven Pop! Vinyl! The hit Netflix show, Stranger Things, follows the story of four friends living in Hawkins, Indiana, and the mysterious and terrifying occurrences that take place in their small town. The group of friends includes Eleven, the mysterious girl with telekinetic powers who has been a fan-favorite since her introduction in the first season.

This Stranger Things - Eleven Pop! Vinyl captures the essence of the character, from her iconic pink dress and blonde wig to the numerous bruises, cuts, and burns she has sustained throughout the show. She is depicted with her arms crossed, a defiant expression on her face, and her signature Eggo waffle in her right hand.

The Stranger Things - Eleven Pop! Vinyl is a must-have for any fan of the show, as it is a perfect way to show your appreciation for the iconic character. Whether you’re displaying her in your home or gifting it to a Stranger Things enthusiast, this collectible is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.
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