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Suicide Squad (2016) - Lapel Pin Set #3

Suicide Squad (2016) - Lapel Pin Set #3

Quantum Mechanix


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Suicide Squad (2016) - Lapel Pin Set #3

Rick Flag. This elite soldier working for Task Force X began his career as a fighter pilot and is the son of Rick Flag Sr., who led the Suicide Squadron during World War II. Now the younger Flag leads the Suicide Squad under Amanda Waller. Harley Quinn. Driven to madness by the controlling Joker, this psychotic psychiatrist devotes herself to creating bloody chaos. Energetic and affable, she's as beguiling as she is deranged. Slipknot. A master of ropes and knots, Slipknot once worked as chemist Christopher Weiss. He developed a chemical adhesive that makes his ropes virtually indestructible. He is a swift, silent assassin.

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