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Tanker & Crate Containers - Abandoned Theme

Tanker & Crate Containers - Abandoned Theme

Tinkerhouse Games


Barcode: 855223008346

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Where would your team take cover if it wasn’t for the industrial shipping industry? This set includes a Tanker and two Crate Containers, sized to fit onto the rail cars and stack nested for more verticality. The Tanker Container comes with two tank artwork styles to choose from, and the Crate Containers hold up to 16 small crates, 8 medium crates, or 4 large crates each. Also included are crates in a medley of sizes and markings to serve as scatter cover for the cautious, or objectives for the bold.

•1 Tanker Container
• 2 Crate Containers
• 3 Small Crates
• 3 Medium Crates
• 3 Large Crates

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