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The Lord of the Rings - Coronation Arwen 1:6 Scale Statue

The Lord of the Rings - Coronation Arwen 1:6 Scale Statue


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The Lord of the Rings - Coronation Arwen 1:6 Scale Statue

ETA: 31 October 2024

The eternal elf stayed behind, choosing instead to live the life of a mortal with her chosen love. After ages of trials, and the immeasurable weight of sorrow, Arwen, the illustrious elven maiden of Rivendell, now stands at the side of her beloved Aragorn as he reclaims the throne that has long been in abeyance. Her choice to linger by his side in the realm of mortals bears a poignant sweetness, a weighty decision between her kin of yore and her kin of now. Yet, in the wake of ancient foes vanquished and dire evils laid low, the future shines with renewed hope for all Middle-earth, and a fresh, brighter life beckons, ready to commence with her beloved partner and steadfast comrades at her side. It is grace and determination that settle upon the countenance of Arwen. In the aftermath of a weighty decision, a weightlessness envelops her as she lives the life she has chosen for herself - a refined elegance that Weta's artists endeavoured to capture in this statue. The intricate silver headdress, befitting her elven heritage, stands out in contrast to her subtly refined, long-flowing gown, creating a visage appropriate for such an ethereal figure, forever immortalised as part of Weta's Classic Series. FEATURES: - 1:6 scale; - Made from high-quality polystone; - Physically sculpted by Weta Workshop artist Brigitte Wuest; - Signature pose and clothing as seen in The Return of the King; - Designed to be displayed alongside King Aragorn; - Created using references to the original props and costume.

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