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Tiger Stripes The Card Game

Tiger Stripes The Card Game

Tabletop Tycoon


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Tiger Stripes is a quick and exciting game for 2-4 players ages 5 and up. Your tiger has no stripes! Earn them by hunting for food or searching for valuable jewels. Players do this by choosing either a "Hunt for Food" card or a "Search for Jewels" card. The "Hunt for Food" cards include various animals worth a number of stripes. Monkeys let you add one stripe to your tiger, snakes add two, deer add three and boars add four. However, this deck contains several "Give One Stripe to Any Tiger" cards, so don't push your luck too far.

On the other hand, players may choose a "Search for Jewels" card. These cards contain various numbers of jewels worth one point each. These add directly to your score. This deck also includes some "Take a Jewel Card from Another Tiger" cards.

When a tiger gains all ten of its stripes, the game is over. Players count up how many points they have from jewels, then subtract two points for each missing stripe. The player with the highest score wins. Tiger Stripes enhances basic math skills in a fun and engaging way.

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