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Till the Last Gasp

Till the Last Gasp

Darrington Press


Barcode: 860005670512

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Till the Last Gasp invites you to:

Describe and DramatizeTill the Last Gasp draws steel and goes for the heart! This is a storytelling game as much about your character’s innermost feelings as it is about armor or weapons. A duel flourishes to life with the drama you bring to each move. Reflect the heat of your conflict in your surroundings: smash vases, swing from chandeliers, and scar machinery with laser swords.

Duel in Any Setting: Play fist-fighting monks, gunslingers on a windswept plain, high-tech laser sharpshooters, and wielders of the arcane arts! Till the Last Gasp can accommodate nearly any setting and a wide variety of genres and characters. You can even import characters from other storytelling games or media you love! It is a game of two characters locked in conflict, discovering something deep at the heart of it.

Dive Right In: Everything you need to play comes in the box, enabling you to dream up settings and characters of your own imagination or jump right in with our three included scenarios, 12 pre-made characters, and 9 maps as backdrops to your duel.

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