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Universal Monsters - Frankenstein 1:10 Scale Statue

Universal Monsters - Frankenstein 1:10 Scale Statue

Iron Studios

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Universal Monsters - Frankenstein 1:10 Scale Statue

ETA: 31 December 2023

Note: This product is expected to ship: Oct 2023 - Dec 2023 The classic Frankenstein's Monster comes to life in the new statue by Iron Studios! In a lab hidden inside a medieval tower near a village on the Bavaria Alps, a monstrous giant revived through the science of manipulating the forces of nature, gets free from his captivity in the dungeon, and initiates the discovery of a world so unprepared for his existence as he is for the world itself. With a grotesque appearance, gifted with monumental strength and limited intellect, his most primitive survival instincts make him a lethal threat to the men that fear him and seek his destruction. Seen as an offense to the laws of nature and creation, in a primitive society that is not prepared for his existence, he was born and quickly seen as a monster, known for the name of his creator. Derivative from one of the most classic horror movies by Universal Studios, Iron Studios bring the statue "Frankenstein's Monster - Universal Monsters - Art Scale 1/10", over a simpler pedestal of the rustic wooden floor of the medieval tower where he was created.

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