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Vallejo Game Colour - Purple Color Set

Vallejo Game Colour - Purple Color Set

Ozzie Collectables

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Vallejo expands the Game Color series with 10 new color sets in 4x18 ml blister packs designed by Ángel Giráldez.
The sets are designed following the BSL color system (Base, Shadow, Light) figure paint system, offering an easy choice of colors (shades) to paint miniatures with the appropriate highlights and shadows for each base color.
In addition to these three colors, a fourth shade has been added to “enhance” the results of blends made with the basic range.


Base: our base colors are very opaque, perfect for the application of a stable, resistant and long-lasting first layer; they are vivid, intense and easily mixable colors, which makes them very useful and essential
on the workbench.
Shadow: shadows are dark colors, perfect for toning and achieving glazes, they can have a slight satin finish and more depth, but still capable of covering a surface with the application of a few brush strokes.
Light: highlights are the brightest colors in the range, ideal when used to lighten base colors and for glazing over white and pale tones. In addition, the multi-purpose nature of highlights makes them useful for easily outlining and blending layers of colors.

The sets, presented in a transparent blister of 100% r-PET (recycled/recyclable), include a photographic step by step and access, through QR code, to an exclusive video tutorial where Ángel Giráldez will guide you in the use of the colors.

This set contains

AV72114 - Lustful Purple

AV72076 - Alien Purple

AV72015 - Hexen Lichen

AV72116 - Midnight Purple

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