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Vallejo - Model Colour - Old Gold 18ml

Vallejo - Model Colour - Old Gold 18ml


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ETA: 2024-08-27 00:00:00

Introducing the new Model Color, the range that sets the standard for all figure and model kits painting enthusiasts, now improved to remain your favorite paint! We have introduced a new formulation that will surprise you with its amazing brushability, excellent opacity and superb matt finish.
Colors dry quickly, forming a homogeneous and self-leveling film that respects the smallest detail present in your model. In fact, we recommend applying them on a previously primed surface.
We have updated the range, offering you 32 new colors, so that you can find the color you need for your creative projects. You will also find equivalent shades to the main colors used in military codifications during WWII and subsequent conflicts (RAL, RLM, FS...).

Throughout this process, we have been advised by renowned painters and modelers who have helped us design the colors of the range so that you have the exact tone to paint your figures and models.
As for the image, you will find a new display with renewed graphics, a new label, and the new 18 ml r-PET (recycled/ recyclable) bottle, completely transparent.
Additionally, we have arranged the display chromatically, based on the Vallejo BSL (Base, Shade, Light) painting system, allowing you to easily locate the appropriate tones for highlighting and shading a specific base color.
The majority of colors from the original range have been maintained, with the same name and reference number. Your favorite colors still exist!

And if you’re wondering if the new Model Color it’s the same as before, the answer is no, it’s not the same, it’s better!

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