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Village Pillage

Village Pillage

Jellybean Games

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Village Pillage

Farm, steal, and spend piles of turnips to transform your village into a kingdom! 

2-5 Players  |  20 Mins  |  Ages 10+

Features: Hand Management, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Simultaneous Action Selection, Take That

Theme: Card Game, Fantasy, Farming, Humor, Medieval


Protect your borders, attack your neighbors, and be the first to collect three turnip relics!

Village Pillage is a 2-5 player game for players 10 and up, featuring simultaneous play and action on all fronts. Each turn, players simultaneously choose two cards from their hand and play one against each neighbor. All cards are revealed at once, then resolved in order: Farmers, Walls, Raiders, Merchants. Farmers produce turnips, Walls block Raiders, Radiers steal turnips, and Merchants either add new cards to your hand or help you purchase a relic. All cards return to hand, and the next round begins! The game ends as soon as any one player has three royal relics.


  • 2021 Mensa Select Winner
  • 2019 Boardgames Australia Awards Best Australian Game Nominee
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