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What If - Infinity Ultron 1:10 Scale Statue

What If - Infinity Ultron 1:10 Scale Statue

Iron Studios

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What If - Infinity Ultron 1:10 Scale Statue

Jump into the strange multiverse with Iron Studios' stunning new Infinity Ultron Deluxe 1/10 Scale Statue, as featured in the episode "What If... Ultron Won?'. A gripping series with 10 fantastical episodes, What If? is an animated series that explores major moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in an alternate universe, resulting in spectacular deviations. The Infinity Ultra 1/10 Statue levitates above crystals of the mirror dimension, wielding the Infinity Stones on his indestructible chest plate while carrying a fearsome double-headed spear ready for a fight. This evil Artificial Being is a monumental power to be reckoned with, menacing across all realities in the Marvel Multiverse. This snapshot of pure villainy and uncontrollable power is sure to stand out among your MCU collection. Note: This product is expected to ship: Jul 2023 - Sept 2023

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