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Worlds Smallest-GPK Garbage Pail Kids Damaged Don

Worlds Smallest-GPK Garbage Pail Kids Damaged Don



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Worlds Smallest-GPK Garbage Pail Kids Damaged Don

"Worlds Smallest" is a line of miniature toys produced by Super Impulse, a company that specializes in creating miniature versions of popular toys and games. One of the products in this line is a miniature version of a Garbage Pail Kid character named Damaged Don.

Damaged Don is one of the many characters featured in the Garbage Pail Kids trading card series. He is depicted as a young boy with a bandaged head, a black eye, and a missing tooth. His name is a play on the term "damaged goods," which refers to items that are no longer in perfect condition.

The Worlds Smallest version of Damaged Don is a tiny replica of the character, standing only about 1.25 inches tall. Despite its small size, the figure is highly detailed and includes many of the same features as the original character, such as the bandages on his head and the missing tooth. It is designed as a collectible item and is intended for display rather than play.

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