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X-Men - Dazzler Premium Format Statue

X-Men - Dazzler Premium Format Statue

Sideshow Collectibles

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X-Men - Dazzler Premium Format Statue

ETA: 31 August 2024

"The city is a symphony. And I'm her speaker." Sideshow presents the Dazzler Premium Format Figure, an exuberant Marvel collectible inspired by the X-Men's very own disco queen! The Dazzler Premium Format Figure measures 31.25" tall, 13.4" wide, and 16.15" deep as Alison Blaire elevates her musical performance with mutant abilities that allow her to convert sound into light. Stunning in psychedelic silver, Dazzler livens up the dance floor by using her powers to create a trail of cosmic color beneath her rockin' roller skates. She holds a hand mic above her like a beacon, its golden rays beaming almost as brightly as her feathery blonde hair and sparkling smile. Groovy! This highly detailed, fully sculpted Dazzler Premium Format Figure presents the world-renowned super hero and singer at the height of her career. Dazzler wears bright blue eye makeup, silver and white jewelry, star-shaped earrings, and a sleeveless pearlescent bodysuit with flared legs while she gives this gig her all. The figure's base features a metallic disco ball as well as dark purple planetary elements inspired by the iconic Kirby Krackle.

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