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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Speed Duel GX: Duelists of Shadows

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Speed Duel GX: Duelists of Shadows


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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Speed Duel GX: Duelists of Shadows

Shadows loom large over Duel Academy in the new 2023 Speed Duel GX Box! The Shadow Riders have descended upon Speed Duel and joined forces with other villainous characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime series to cause mayhem and unleash the mighty Sacred Beasts. This box set is designed to allow up to 8 players to jump into their own dynamic gameplay experience with 8 pre-constructed Decks along with a selection of other cards that can be used to customize them. Here are just a few of the things you can look forward to in the new box: - 8 Pre-Constructed Decks with new Skill Cards that introduce villainous characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX animated series to Speed Duel! Torment your opponent with Titan's Chess Archfiends, solve the mysteries of alchemy with Amnael, or even reign supreme with the Supreme King's Evil HEROes! - New Skills that let you look at older Speed Duel cards in a new light! Try your hand at assembling Detective Zaloog's Dark Scorpion Deck! - Duel in style with Secret Rare versions of popular cards including the 3 Sacred Beasts! - And more! Each 2023 Speed Duel GX Box contains 228 total cards, all compatible with the Speed Duel format: 200 Commons 20 Skill Cards 8 (of 24) Secret Rare Cards To use a card in Speed Duel it must have the Speed Duel Symbol on the card. Cards without the Symbol are not legal, but Speed Duel cards can be used in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. Skill Cards may only be used in Speed Duel. View the Yu-Gi-Oh! Release Schedule

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